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ELECTRIC TROLLING OUTBOARD MOTORS Viamare 636Wh, 12V, static force 55lbs=25kg, max. boat mass 1650kg, LED indicator

Suitable for saltwater and freshwater.

Viamare Electric trolling motors are the most environment-friendly way to power your small boat when you’re out relaxing on the water.
With these neat units, relaxation is the key. There is almost no noise and certainly no exhaust fumes, so you never have to worry about anything disturbing you – or about disturbing anything else, because for keen fishermen and lovers of nature that’s the added bonus. So you can make the most of your day in the great outdoors. Powered by a 12 Volt battery, Viamare are ultra-portable. Which also makes them perfect for a small tender or dinghy.
Quick-Lock Cam Depth Adjuster
Change depths simply and securely with the Quick-Lock Cam Depth Adjuster. This clever feature makes depth adjustment simple and locks in tight to keep your motor right where you want it.
Indestructible composite shaft
Our ultra-high-yield composite shafts are stronger then steel, virtually indestructible and flex on impact, before returning to their original position. They won’t kink, break, rust or corrode.

Weedless Wedge 2
This is the next generation of the industry’s only 100% fully weedless prop. Swept-back, flared blades “wedge” weeds away, allowing you to pass through heavy vegetation at any speed, without draining valuable battery power. The design has now been refined and improved to provide unrelenting, reliable prop performance.

Cool, quiet power
The extra large windings and commutators dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power and longer motor life, while the unique bearing system reduces friction to cut fish-spooking noise. You’ll be so quiet, they’ll never hear you coming.

NAVODILA/UPUTSTVA – električni izvenkrmni motor by Parsun.si